Daily dive trips

Under construction – We are adding more local dives sites in Estepona

Our dive sites in Sotogrande
Sotogrande is in an optimal location for marine life and, therefore, for Sotogrande’s diving sites. A few kilometers from the Strait of Gibraltar, the only natural water inlet to the Mediterranean, we enjoy the opportunities this offers:

– Water rich in plankton: we already know that where there is plankton there is a lot of life.
– The passage of marine species off the coast of Estepona – Dolphins are very common to see, in addition to the moonfish, whales or a variety of nudibranchs.
– Mix of Mediterranean and Atlantic species. Thus, in a single dive, you can enjoy the views of two different seas.

Local Diving

La Perla Reef

This is a rock reef that has 3 different dives. 6, 10 and 18 m. The most shallow is made of the coast and is ideal for diving courses because next to the reef lies a sand bed where you can do the exercises. The second area is composed of rock corridors where you can get closer and live the sensation of flying with hundreds of esparidos, salemas and breams that will welcome you and zone 3 and as a surprise, you can enter a cave covered in orange coral. The deepest, only for advanced divers because it exceeds 18m deep, is full of gorgonians and large rocks that hide a lot of life. In the three areas you can find octopus, conger eels, moray eels, gorgonians and nudibranchs. It is a reef for any level of diver and in which we are sure that you will be surprised.


The NORTOMRA, also known and misnamed S.P.M. It is a wreck that sleeps in its natural position at 30 / 31m depth in the waters of Estepona. Sunk on January 8, 2011 is still a place where life has slowly been filling it. Those who have visited this sunken ship have coincided in what has most struck them, the majesty and its interior spaces, since it is a steel ship that can be penetrated and the most daring can cross it completely leaving the hatch towards forward always pampering the security measures and carrying a guide reel.
It is a perfect dive for video or underwater photography and for advanced divers who want to experience the experience of entering a sunken ship.

Las Gorgónias

This area is for any level. Named “THE GORGONIAS” for the amount of gorgonians that can be seen in a single dive in this dive site. If you are attentive you can find octopus, conger eels, moray eels, fish of all Mediterranean species and gorgeous colored nudibranchs. This dive starts from 12 meters deep.

 We are adding more local dives sites

Diving in Gibraltar

Gibraltar has always been a place for sightseeing on its streets or in its waters. Recently a law has prohibited diving centers from going to dive to Gibraltar. Only a few are privileged to continue diving there. There are several types of diving and all of them gathered on a single beach, from which you can visit a dozen ships sunk to different depths. If you are Open Water Diver we recommend you to do the two most usual dives there. In the first you will visit the wreck 482 and the Batty’s reaching a maximum depth of 17m. and in the second you can visit the 3 famous cargo barges, with a maximum depth of 12m. There are also deeper dives and other wrecks for advanced divers. (For groups of 3 people minimum and as long as weather conditions permit)

Diving in Tarifa

Tarifa is another paradise for diving because of its innumerable areas and if it is diverse marine life. You can dive from the coast or from a boat, but you will definitely enjoy the dives you do because of its clear waters and marine life, which always hides some surprise. (For groups of 4 people minimum and as long as weather conditions permit)