First aid course & defibrillator DEA

First aid course in Sotogrande.

To be ready for any emergency.

Being ready with a first aid course is something that everyone should do. Have you ever thought that if you run into a health emergency you would not know how to react? Every year more people learn the techniques and care that should be given to a patient. Feeling prepared for an emergency is something vital and everyone can choose. Being able to help your partner, child or partner is something that will fill you with pride. You will always be grateful. You do not need to be a certified diver. Everyone has access to this course. Maybe it’s a good idea to do it with the family …

*Diving Sotogrande will adapt the location of the courses according to the needs

Emergency First Responder E.F.R.
First aid course with certification granted by the American Federation E.F.R. both for adults and for children in which they learn the first care, oxygen administration, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, automated defibrillation and second care. It prepares you to act in any type of accident, emergency or illness, whether diving or not diving. If you want to do your rescue course it is necessary that you have a first aid course with less than 2 years old. This course prepares you specifically for it. Know more…