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Have you ever been curious to know that it hides under the surface?
Have you wanted to feel that you can fly?
Have you ever wanted to explore sites that nobody has ever visited?

  • We are sure, because that unites us and for that we are here.
The underwater world has hardly changed in thousands of years, however, the world of diving is relatively young. Only a few decades separate us from the beginnings in which it was a very risky practice and only within the reach of a few. Today and hundreds of studies and improvements in equipment and techniques, the sport of scuba diving has become an activity for everyone, with which you will enjoy visiting nature, making new friends, experiencing new sensations and all in a safe environment and very funny.
Diving in the mediterranean is a great idea. We have an unbeatable climate and variety of diving sites, from rock reefs or archaeological remains, to sunken ships or meadows of Poseidonia and thanks to the proximity of the Strait of Gibraltar, the only natural access to the Mediterranean for marine life, we have a great variety of living marine creatures, native species and others that are just passing through.
Do not think more and join us, you just have to click, it’s easier than you think!Come to dive …